Blood Nose
Image by Steve Kay via Flickr


Just then, Jared smelled blood. The odor was ghastly.  It was logical though, since he appeared to be in a morgue.

A morgue is generally used for the storage of human corpses awaiting identification, or removal for autopsy or disposal by burial, cremation or otherwise. In modern times they have customarily been refrigerated to delay decomposition.

This room, however, was being used for quite the opposite.

Not far away, a small, ragged woman was strapped to a large metal table. She was bruised and half naked. But worse, she was hooked up to a series of machines that were siphoning off her blood. A low hum filled the room, small cogs turned rapidly on the machines, a small compressor vibrated rhythmically, and various bags dripped slowly with her precious crimson fluids.

It was almost as if she were a tree being tapped for sap. The thought was too morbid to dwell on for long.

Jared balked at the entire scene. He was too stunned to move until the woman made eye contact with him. At that moment, he rushed forward towards the girl. She gasped a warning, but it was too faint to hear.

After two steps, Jared realized that there was someone else in the room.

The air shook with an angry bellowing.

Jared never even saw the first blow coming. By the second, he was on the ground.





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