A short review of Malifaux (via Zac’s gaming blog)

Zac saves me some time and provides an in depth look at Malifaux. I enjoyed this post and wanted to share it with anyone happening to glance at my WRECK MARKER.

Out with the Ortegas - a short review of Malifaux I took my Malifaux Ortega crew to Myth Games yesterday to have my first game of Malifaux. Brett was kind enough to run me through the game and was using his Nocodem Ressurectionist crew. We played a 30 Soulstone game which gave me enough points to take all the Ortegas from the starter set as well as the Enslaved Nephilim totem for Perdita and a few extra Soulstones to use in the game. I didn't take any photos of the game as I was trying to concen … Read More

via Zac's gaming blog



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