Demonwing, Ship of the Abyss

sailing ships tied to shore, circa 1900-1920
Image via Wikipedia

Eons ago, the demon godĀ Demogorgon commissioned the creation of a sailing ship that could sail the seas of the Abyss. Being made of the very stuff it was sailing upon, it cou;d travel to any layer. Demogorgon called it “Demonwing.”

With the Balor Straoth as its captain, the Demonwing served to transport passengers and cargo throughout the nether regions. The ship passed from Straoth to Un-Gurth when the Balor became annoyed with serving Demogorgon. In the end, the boat was transferred to a wizard namedĀ Emirikol.

This ship served a great purpose in the AD&D module called “A Paladin in Hell.”


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