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After getting the¬†necessary¬†odd jobs done around the house (and managing to avoid a few as well) I moved one of my tables outside and set things up so I could paint on the deck. I tried to do this yesterday, but got rained out. I set up the laptop so I could stream some decent music and then fired up the grill to make a few hamburgers. So that’s how I spent my afternoon: drinking Coke Zero, eating hamburgers, listening to music, and painting some miniatures.

I painted a little on my Kaya conversion. I am painting her hair a bright magenta purple, and her cloak a dark green.

I also managed to get some more work down on my Viktoria crew, as well as, the Convict Gunslinger. I’m not usually one to pick out small details when I’m doing small based models. Wahammer killed me on that. Having to paint a hundred Brettonians who were going to die like pigs broke my soul. Although I did enjoy painting my dozens of Nurgle Plaugebearers, but that’s because no matter what they look like … if they are ugly … you win.

Anyway, I have been trying to do a little better on painting faces. I think I’m making a little progress. I guess I’ve gained a little painting XP with the practice. I’m actually working on picking out their eyes and trying to add some flavor to their faces. When I post the updates to my pictures hopefully you’ll see that I at least tried to focus on the faces a bit.

I had a lot of fun today, and I’ll post some pictures of my progress as soon as I can snap off a frame or two with our fancy new camera. But right now I’m watching Ice Road Truckers … :O)



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