Hippie Powers Man!
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Have I mentioned that I really like the Seeds of Sedition theme force?

A few weeks back a club night, we were short one player. So two of us joined forces with 35 point armies against a third guy who used a 75 point army. We used Mercenaries (Damiano and eMagnus) against Khador (eButcher and Irusk.) Long story short, although many Steelheads and Sword Knights had to die to get the job done, we ended up winning the game. Damiano cornered Irusk and cut him down while The Warlord chased The Butcher into the woods to seal the madman’s doom.

Last week, I faced off against Circle Orboros. The Circle Orboros is an alliance of magic-wielding hippy druids and their constructs, chompy beasts, and the savage half-naked Tharn. They are fast and maneuverable, and hit hard on the charge.

I play Circle myself, so I knew the challenges that I would be facing. I had my army made ahead of time, but my opponent had the luxury of eyeing my stuff up and creating a list based on what I already had on the table. He chose Balder the Stonecleaver, mainly because of Solid Ground, as well as, the ability to make forests to block my LOS. He chose to use a few extra Warbeasts probably because he could easily see that I had two Heavies (Defender & Mangler) and three Lights, including two Renegades and a Talon.

The battle went a lot like I thought it would. He did everything he could to block my LOS and constantly kept up Solid Ground in order to defend against Obliterator shots from the Renegades.  By the time the fourth round came knocking, most of my army was pushing up daisies. I had a few scant Sword Knights left along with Saxon, a single Trencher Scattergunner, a Renegade minus the rocket, and Magnus the Warlord.

None of the models were in a good place to do anything to Baldur to end the game.

I knew I had to draw Baldur out. I activated Magnus, cast Mobility for a little added SPD and Pathfinder, and then moved into a nearby Forest template. I sat on the rest of my Focus to boost the power field. Crossing my fingers, I ended my turn.

My opponent took the bait, looking to end the game. And honestly by all mathematical odds, he should have won. However, Baldur used Rapid Growth, Forest Walk, and then attacked Magnus. He only managed to land one successful blow, and didn’t do as much damage as he would have liked. Following up for the assassination, a nearby Woldwarden charged in and attempted to smash The Warlord to bits … and missed. Swinging with the second fist … miss. One more swing, and a hit. With the damage roll Magnus managed to weather the attacks and survived with two health boxes remaining. At the end of the his turn, I notice that Baldur has no Fury remaining.

I start out with the Mechanical Arm. I score a hit, Knock Down, and a little damage. Then, Foecleaver X goes to work. Foecleaver X has Armor Piercing special attack along with Powerful Attack. So, eMagnus took two big swings, and sent that hippie straight to Hell. I actually assassinated Baldur with Focus left over!

I am really enjoying the Seeds of Sedition theme list. So far, I’m 4-0-0 with the list if I include the win from the multiplayer game. It offers some cool stuff from the Cygnar range without having to actually play Cygnar. I have always been a big fan of Magnus in any flavor, so this theme force included in No Quarter was a happy surprise.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Keep on playing, and keep rollin’ sixes.


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