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I started playing Shadowrun again tonight. It’s been a long time, I believe since 1993.

Some things have changed, but the core of the game remains the same. I’m sure I will get up to speed soon.

I am playing a Dwarf Face with a Sneak package. He’s basically a con man and smooth talker. He operates on the fringe between legal and illegal. He goes by many different names, but his main street name is Murphy. I am running him based loosely on Gimli from Lord of the Rings in attitude and mannerisms.



Tonight our session was simple. Murphy gets a call from a contact named Smiley. He’s told to show up at Club Penumbra at a certain time and place to meet a new crew for a job. Apparently these guys got caught in the middle of a shoot out at a Stuffer Shack and attracted some attention. All Murphy knows is they are a motley bunch that lives in an RV. Not exactly his kind of folk, but if they’re the ones he has to work with … so be it.

The Crew was rough and tumble. There’s The Kid. He owns a RV that could easily pass for a Tank. Just a teenager with an attitude that might not allow him to get past puberty. Then there was the Asian and the Scotsman. They looked like they might have stepped right out of one of those animated action cartoons from the old days. (Samurai Jack, to be exact.) And then there’s the Hacker. He seems pleasant enough but is usually talking about Sprites and Commlinks. Not my thing. But they’ll do for now. Every Face needs a crew, even a motley one like this.

Smiley explains that he’s a retired Shadowrunner and helps the new guys get jobs. Basically he recruits rookies for a finders fee for jobs. He offers 10,000 credits (half up front) to the crew. We are to meet a Mr. Johnson at Infinity at Seattle Center to get the job offer and details.

Getting to Infinity was easy, but getting the crew in was a little work. Getting them outfitted in decent attire was the first step, and convincing the Kid not to show up in his RV at a trendy club was the second. Murphy managed to knock enough dust off the crew to let them pass for the usual clientele.

We made contact with an female Elf bartender who directed us to the Blue Room where we’d meet Mr. Johnson. He was a skinny Troll who had recently lost some property due to a smash-and-grab. The job was simple enough: find an antique music disc and return it to the Johnson.

Done and done. Murphy kicked his feet up and smoked a pipe while the crew did their searching through the Matrix. Found some chatter about the data disc, and apparently linked it all to some up and coming musician named Nebo playing a concert in Redmond at a warehouse. Fine.

One of the crew scored back stage tickets and they made for the concert. The crew had to wait in line forever, and the Kid almost messed things up getting caught with his weapon by the security. I smoothed things out with a like sweet talk, and the kid greased the rent-a-cop’s fingers with some cash. All the fuss allowed me to get in with my Predator stashed in my coat. Almost like we planned it that way.

So now we’re in the concert … now we got to find this Nebo and see about this data disc. Easier said than done.

” I’m fine. That was deliberate! Deliberate!”

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