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So we (Murphy, Bazinga, and Glitch) head off to the Neebo concert with back stage passes. The main idea is to scope the place out and maybe find some information on the data disc we are looking for, and hopefully steal Neebo’s comm-link so we can recover the original email offering it for sale. The concert is packed and full of mainly Orks, Trolls, and Humans. So the three of us being small, well we had to fight our way through the crowd.

We made it backstage and showed our passes to the first security officer. Murphy lied and said he was supposed to meet with Jager, the head of security. Glitch sweetened the deal by flashing his Novacoke collection. The security officer waved us in and Murphy eyed someone who seemed to be Jager right away. However, plans changed slightly when it became obvious that the only place that Neebo’s dressing room might be was up a flight of scaffolding stairs and in a set of offices.

We made our way that direction, and Glitch flashed his Novacoke to the sleepy looking drugged up security officer sitting on the steps. He directed us towards an office were there was a “party” going on. It seemed like this was Neebo’s dressing room and maybe where he would have left his Comm-link while he was on stage.

Long story short, Bazinga and Glitch managed to steal the Comm-Link but only after giving Novacoke to the folks partying in the dressing room. Glitch had to do a hit with the one guy in order to gain his trust, and was tweaking for most of the rest of this part of the Run. We were leaving the room when we heard gunfire, and the concert quickly turned into a riot.

But that is another story …




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