I admit it!    I am constantly collecting stuff to use as basing material.
I see a small chuck of broken plastic in the parking lot, and it goes in my pocket. I find a random small screw and it’s added to my supplies for wreck markers.
And when Megan and I went to the beach, I couldn’t help but collect some small stones, shells, and other goodies for decorating the bases of my Sea Dogs and Pressgangers. Megan noticed what I was up to and snapped the above picture.
Yep, she’s got me pegged. She sees a nice beach to relax on and enjoy … I see free scenery supplies.Anyway, click on over to TMP and check out the article by Joseph III on how to make cost effective forest bases using toilet paper and herbs. And for the record, I’ve been using dollar store herbs to flock my bases for about 6 years now. I like the effect. Course, I also use coffee to simulate dirt … so … to each his own.


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