The Pathfinder Society aims to win in the upcoming Ruby Phoenix Tournament (some agents might add “by any means necessary” here), and to that end, as a Pathfinder Society agent, you’re sent to far-off Tian Xia. In “The Edge of Heaven”, agents ascend into the heights of the mountain range known as the Wall of Heaven, seeking an abandoned monastery of Irori. Long abandoned, the monastery holds an ancient artifact that the leaders of the Pathfinder Society feel is key to gaining the upper hand during the tournament. Recovering the artifact puts the PCs on an unexpected course, and is the beginning of The Quest for Perfection three-part campaign arc!

For some, the path to life eternal lies down the dark road of undeath, but in the land of Thuvia, the alchemical wonder known as the sun orchid elixir changes that. Only six vials of this precious substance are made every year, commanding astronomical sums from prospective buyers, each drop extending the lifespan of its imbiber. In “The Immortal Conundrum”, the guardian of the elixir is holding a dinner party at the Thuvian embassy in Absalom, and the Pathfinder Society has received an invitation—and you’ve been chosen to represent the Society! The phony smiles and fake hellos, in this case, hold a valuable purpose—gaining access to the vault known as the Conundrum. The dangers and treasures that might lie within are of great interest to the masked leaders of the Society, but the landscape of Absalom’s social elite is just as dangerous as any battlefield, and ridicule (or worse) await those that don ‘t tread lightly.

Check out all of the third season’s Pathfinder Society Scenarios here!



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