I started the year out this week by playing my first game of Malifaux against my friend John. He used Sonnia Criid and I played with The Viktorias. We used our friend Dwight’s fancy Terraclips set. No, we didn’t take any pictures, but I plan to start bringing along my camera to snap off a shot or two in the bowels of the G.O.D. Gaming Club HQ basement.

The scenario for the game of simple enough. Split the board into four equal parts, and by turn 6 have more surviving models in each section that the dude you are playing against. No problem, right? I started to wonder when I noticed that John had about three more models than I did. That could be a problem.

He won the flip to go first, so we started putting down miniatures.We deployed to corners. In the end, he had put all of his guys into a brick on the middle of his deployment zone, and I had mine spread out along the front of my zone with the idea that I’d come at his from two different directions.

I put the Viktorias and Johan to the right, Convict Gunslinger and Taelor to the left. Bishop was going to limp right down the middle across a bridge.

The first turn was simple enough. Everyone Double Walked forward, seeking cover and ood LOS vantage points. My models on the left stayed on the ground, moving under the bridge towards a set of stairs that would bring them into John’s deployment zone on his right flank. Bishop went across the bridge which would bring him out in front of the brick. Johan and the Viktorias started up the stairs which would lead them to John’s left flank.

Turns two and three were bad for me. John had won the flip to go first all three turns. Sonnia used magical fire spells to toss three wounds on to Taelor, and Bishop died trying to cross the bridge thanks to shots from the Witchling Stalkers. Samuel tried to Rapid Fire the Convict Gunslinger but luckily all three shots were misses. By turn three, I was still moving the Crew into position to come at Sonnia from all directions, and had only landed a few Weak damage flips on a Witchling or two thanks to shots from the Gunslinger.

Turn four was deadly. I won the flip to go first, but John used soulstones to cheat his way into going first for the fourth time of the game. He managed to kill one of the Viktorias with Sonnia, and Johan went down to the combined shooting of Sonnia’s minions. On my turns, the Convict Gunslinger managed to kill two Witchlings, and Taelor killed a third. Viktoria would have liked to have charged Sonnia but a magical wall of fire stopped her from doing so.

Turn four and is where I started to shine. John’s flips were coming up with low numbers, and all mine were high. Viktoria charged in and killed Sonnia after triggering Whirlwind. And yes, the Red Joker showed up just in time in my favor. Taelor smacked Samuel and triggered a Knockback, tossing him away. She followed up with a smashing blow to kill a Fire Gamin, sucking up the damage that it gave her as it died.

Turn five saw Viktoria being charged by a Fire Gamin. This put me in a rough spot because killing it would also kill Viktoria due to her remaining Wounds being low at this point. However, John couldn’t get his cards to agree and basically did nothing to my models. My models didn’t score any more kills, but they didn’t need to.

Turn six was uneventful, but led to mu victory as I managed to have more models in the different sectors than John.

Victory was mine!

Winning my first game of Malifaux for the year was encouraging. I remain undeafeated with the Viktorias, and I’m ready for my next opponent!

Keep rollin’ sixes … or in this case … flipping high!


One thought on “FIRST GAME OF THE YEAR

  1. I haven’t played malifaux in a while, I got the ortgeas and collette both are annoying to deal with. I rally need to pick the newest book up. Glad you getting some gaming in.



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