Corsets can be Comfortable

Festooned Butterfly is awesome. Just sayin’. My wife bought some of her Steampunk gear from them at TempleCon a couple years back.

So some of you may have seen this article today, “Everything you Know About Corsets is False” by Lisa Hix. It is a good article and touches on many of the things I find myself answering while at conventions. You should read it.

I appreciate many of the things she brings up in her article. I find that so many women and men don’t really understand corsets. They look at them like a costume piece, not as an actual garment that has a purpose. Add to that, the ill fitting badly made “corsets” that are sold at lingerie stores, most people have never had a good corset experience. Many people approach corsets as instruments of pain, or at the very least something they want to spend as little money on as possible because they aren’t going to wear them for very long. I hear those reasons and so many more for…

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