Book cover, Greyhawk: Gem of the Flanaess by M...

The kingdom of Blackmoor is in turmoil. Since the departure of King Henry to lead his army against the forces of evil in the Bloodstone Wars, Prince Richard has ruled in his stead. The Prince has adjudicated well in his father’s adsence, but the some of the eight lords have been less than cooperative. Talk of rebelliion and uprising against the Prince has added chaos to the already troublesome task of defending the kingdom from raiding bands of orcs and goblins. The Prince has had only one true ally during it all, Lord Faedorn of Alfheim.

In what some called “an act of desperation” and others “foolish heroics of a young man,” Richard began to pour through ancient tomes seeking any source of a relic or artifact that could give him an upper hand in securing his father’s kingdom. His search proved fruitful in the finding of a journal recorded during the reign of his great grandfather. Richard became fixated on seeking out a legendary weapon hidden from humanity in a nearly forgotten tomb. Richard left his throne behind and departed the city of Greyhawk. He took with him the best of his men-at-arms along with a small group of Elves from Alfheim. Although the journey was fraught with peril, the path led them to an out of the way farming community known as Milborne. It is not known what has happend since the Prince and his company arrived in Milborne. However, what you do know is that messages arrived to you by secret curier, requesting that you come to Milborne to assist the Prince. You are urged to report immeadiately, and tell no one of your depature. The journey to Milborne will be a long one … you have no time to waste.

That was the introduction for yesterday’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons session. With the prompting of a few friends, I put on my Dungeonmaster‘s hat and told a story. We had eleven players: 7 adults, 2 teenagers, and 2 kids (around the age of 8.) The story took around 8 hours to play through, but that included settling in,smoke and snack breaks, and bathroom runs. All in all, I had a great time. I hope the players did too.

I’ll be adding another post to discussing what happened during the story that I called “The Tomb of Xagyg.” It was an adventure geared for characters of 1st level in my homebrew version of Greyhawk.


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