The Passage of Slerotin

Prince Richard Blackmoor is dying.

His body lies within Castle Blackmoor thanks to the heroics of a Fellowship of humans, dwarves, and elves from the Eight Kingdoms. The best priests and clerics poured their healing powers upon Prince Richard. His body is restored, but his mind and soul remain shattered from the ravages of the vile Mind Flayer in the Tomb of Xagyg.

The threat of civil war is at hand. With the King at war and the Prince near death, the eight lords have begun to vie for power to seize the throne. Only the lord of Alfheim remains loyal, ordering his people to reinforce Castle Greyhawk and its borders to protect the Prince at all costs. Now Faedorn must not only protect his realm from the minions of darkness without, but also from the greed of the seven other lords within. For a time, it seemed all was lost.

But now Lord Faedorn of Alfheim sends word to the Fellowship once again, seeking help in finding a lost artifact which could not only restore the Prince but also save Blackmoor. But the mission is not for the faint of heart for they must brave the The Passage of Slerotin, and enter the Caves of Chaos.

Deep in the darkness lies a treasure ripe for the picking. But who among you are brave and lucky enough to recover it?



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