Good morning.

So I read a few articles and now it seems that Wizards of the Coast might be trying to take all of the editions of Dungeons & Dragons and mash them into one big edition. I’m not thrilled about this idea, but I am glad that Monte Cook is involved because I have consistently enjoy any of the stuff that he puts out for role-playing games. My only thought is that although it seems like a good idea right now, it’s like making a milkshake out of your favorite foods. I mean, I like a good hamburger, french fries, and a soda. But if I mash it all into a blender and turn it on high speed, the result is a cup full of nasty goop that I don’t want to drink.

The only suggestion I am willing to make at this point is that Wizards of the Coast should really stop trying to make a role-playing game that is a miniatures wargame, board game, video game, and ccg all wrapped into one. They should focus on making D&D into a decent role-playing game system that people will enjoy playing.

I mean look at the whole miniatures issue. Miniatures were used in Original D&D and AD&D in order to clarify positioning of playing characters and monsters. You would line up your miniature in a walking order so that the DM and the players all were on the same page when a monster or a trap popped out to do something terrible. Additionally, combat can get kind of confusing for folks you don’t have good imagination. Using miniatures to roughly add a visual reference to combat is nice.

However in the various 3rd edition and d20 versions of D&D, the placement of miniatures became more and more important in using Feats and Skills and Kewl Widgetness. Am I flanking every possible opponent? Am I going to hit everything with my fireball using one of the zillion spell effect templates? Can my Choppy Hackness Feat kill everything in the room? I became more and more important to have a grid of squares with little pre-painted men in them.

The focus switched from role-playing to miniature role-playing. And frankly if I am going to play a miniature game then I’d rather be chucking dice over some WARMACHINE or Mordheim.

And then with the addition of the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game and Dungeon Tiles, the game took a big splash into all out miniature gaming which seemed to not only kill the fun of role-playing but also push players into worry more about which square their toy figure was standing in and less about the overall storyline, or campaign. Hey the DM doesn’t have to tell a story anymore! Just buy new Dungeon Tiles and flop them down with a few new miniatures (bought blindly at silly costs) and let’s D&D all night long.


Bring back role-playing. Put miniatures in the right place. And let’s play some frickin’ D&D the way that Gary and Dave meant it to be played!

Oh, and while you’re at it ….


So anyway, what do you think about uniting all of the editions into a great big option heavy mash up?

Let me know.

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