TUTORIAL – Gatormen Posse Upgrade!

Gatormen spotted in Chaos Wastes. Knights mugged for weapons. News at 11.

So like many Blindwater Congregation players I have 2 full units of the Gatormen Posse. I finished my 1st squad doing nothing special and decided I wanted to spruce up my 2nd unit so I started to search the interwebs. I stumbled onto these SKORNE Gatormen Posse and then it hit me. I just happened to have a box of Warhammer Fantasy Battle Chaos Knights because I was looking for a different steed for my Khador Fenris solo. So I basically had a ton of pieces left over and wouldn’t you know, there were 10 shoulder pads and a bunch of weapon sprues I could use. You of course can substitute any of this with anything you think would look better for your own force.


  • Hobby Pliers
  • Hobby Knife
  • Hobby File
  • Pin Vice
  • Formula P3 Pinning Expansion (0.50mm) or equivalent
  • Epoxy, Green Stuff, or equivalent
  • Super glue


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