Custom Heroscape Darth Vader

Geek Since Birth

Well, the viewers have spoken, er viewed… It seems that one of the most searched and accessed posts on my blog are the custom Heroscape cards. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted one, so in honor of Star Wars weekend, I’ll post one a day for the next three days starting with:

Since this is the first of the cards from my Star Wars set that you’ll be seeing, let me say that Yodajunkie did an awesome job on the backgrounds for the Jedi/Sith cards. The lightsaber swirls really add an extra WOW factor to the cards. And as you’ll see, he matched the color to the lightsaber the figure is holding – uber-cool.

Lightsaber Deflect is an ability that comes standard with all of the Jedi and Sith figures that I’ve created to date. It gives Vader a little added protection from rebel trooper blaster fire that…

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