Someone mentioned Model Railroad Scale, again. Reblogged for easy access.



Since there is a link between the Iron Kingdoms and steam locomotives, I often read posts on the Privateer Press forums about model railroading. Most of the time the questions deal with scale and cost of materials. Most of the time the other people responding are correct. However, not always. Please refer to this link which helps describe the scales.I have been involved in model railroading since before I was ten. So I have a little information that I can supply about the right size of model railroad models that work with WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures.∞Take a few minutes and watch this video: Introduction by Michael Gross. Also, be aware of this website as it offers excellent information.∞

The Big Question: SO WHAT?!

First, please understand that model railroading is a hobby all on its own. It has folks who are passionate about their hobby in the same way…

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