Incursion Diversion – Gretel Von X

Max Von Deadlock's Miniature Madness

You know I should really be working on finishing off my Warmachine Cygnar stuff for the tournament next Sunday, and I should be working toward finishing the space pug so that I can enter something into the Salute painting competition this year.

So what do I do instead?

I paint an Incursion mini I’ve been wanting to paint for ages: Gretel Von X.

I’ve gone on about my love of the Weird War 2 genre on numerous occasions and in particular the Space Hulk inspired Incursion boardgame. Well Grindhouse have brought out a great line of miniatures to replace the cardstock pieces in the boardgame, which I simply had to have. And you’ll have seen my slow burn project to build 3D wall pieces for the game board (it is slowly progressing, promise).

So here’s Gretel, enhanced by Third Reich occult superscience by her father Doctor Hugo Von X. Apparently.

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