The Sniper’s Story

Here are some more pictures from our recent playtest of the Quick Start Rules for Secrets of the Third Reich.

The Axis Zombies shuffle after their prey.

One thing I forgot to discuss with the last post was the actions and fate of the American Sniper. Since I have only assembled 5 of the American soliders from the Brainwurst blister pack, we used one of my Death Korps of Kreig models as the Sniper. We was equipped with Heavy Armor and a Submachine Gun. Megan had added a Sniper to her team of Americans. She revealed where the Sniper was hidden on turn 3. The Sniper was hunkered down in the center building, and put up a good fight against the Zombies after Sarge and the rest of the team died. Although the Sniper put up a valiant fight in killing three zombies on his own, he was killed as well.

The Sniper takes down three of the Zombies, but goes down due to being outnumbered when the 5 Axis Zombies were aided by the remaining Zombies triggered in the first building.



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