Click here to check out the Main St. Foods building kit from LITKO.

This kit builds a single story main street store front for use with your 25-30mm size miniatures. The floor area measures 4.5 wide by 7.5 inches deep with 2.75 inch tall ceilings, sure to fit any miniature in your collection. The modular construction allows you to separate the floors and move miniatures in the interiors. This modularity also allows you to expand your buildings, or even borrow more floors from other kits in this series to make taller buildings.

This is one building from LITKO’s range of modular multi-story 20th century buildings. Recreate an American town square with our wide range of classically styled store fronts and small town buildings. These building kits are perfect for your modern era horror, gangster or zombie games.

 These buildings require assembly and painting. We include all the instructions to assemble your buildings in a variety of forms. Buildings come complete, even with window glass wall inserts!

 Expand this building with additional floor kits, alternate roofs, foundation and awning kits, all available separately. This kit is part of the 108x180mm series for part compatibility.



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