The members of the House of Representatives and various security agencies want to join your video game clan and guild.  That’s the only reason I can think of when it comes to their latest legislative push, The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.  The legislation would have technology companies sharing your private data with the government.  That’s information like your browsing history, web searches and even gaming habits.

Take a moment to learn more and send a message that they’re overstepping their reach again.

There is a need to update laws to allow for better cyber security, but this legislation is vague and not focused enough.  I mean, how many hours and what maps you play on Call of Duty really matters when it comes to national security?  Not only are the doors wide open as far as what companies can share with the government, the legislation isn’t very specific as to who they’re sharing it with and what it’ll be used for.  Once again Congress is writing legislation about technology they don’t understand.

This is a bit too Orwellian for me; hopefully it is for you too.  Write Congress and

let them know to think through what they’re trying to pass.

It’s 28 years too late, but it feels like 1984 now.  Take the 30 seconds and write your Congressman today and help spread the word.



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