In 1-48COMBAT you command a small force based on a real world army of WWII and attempt to attain victory over your opponents with your superior tactics and a little luck!

The whole game can be scaled up without bogging down thanks to 1-48COMBAT robust engine and unique command and control system, but it is suggested to play your first battles with forces of no more than 5-6 figures each, which will already give you a very enjoyable game.

You’ll learn all the basic rules (free download!) in a couple of games and you can then begin to scale it up as you expand your collection.

A player force does’t need to be composed of a single squad, you can grow your army to one or more full companies, and they are already working on expanded rules for even larger forces, multiplayer games and armored support! This version of the rules however sticks to the basic game in its most essential form, which produces fast and exciting games that last less than an hour.

Check out 1-48 COMBAT right here, and get started today. Rules, cards, and tokens are avilable by PDF on free download.



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