Ever since The Avengers movie was announced, my mind has turned back to comic books a bit. I used to collect and read comics when I was in high school, but my interest fell off when I started to see storylines repeating and the price of the books started going up. And frankly at the time, they were screwing up all my favorite comics: Steve Rogers was The Captain, Robin had gotten blown up, and Storm was a little girl. So, I ditched comics for awhile.

But when Captain America came out, my thoughts returned to the Weird War tales of Captain America bashing in the heads of Nazi goons. At about this same time, I heard about two games called AE: WW II and Secrets of the Third Reich. Both games involved a “shadow war” alternate history of World War 2 including Nazi Super Science, Hitler’s Occult Madness, Zombies, and Superheroes. Although AE: WW II looked like a cool game, Secrets of the Third Reich won because I was able to pick up the rulebook and Brainwurst set both for 50% off retail price with free shipping.

So that puts us right here. Megan and I are going to play through the Marvel Superhero story called ALL THIS AND WORLD WAR II. I’ve made a few changes to the plot at the beginning, but it’ll be fine. It’ll take awhile to play through as a campaign, but that’s okay. We have nothing but time, right?

We’re using the rules for Secrets of the Third Reich for the game, although several of the miniatures are from the Marvel Heroscape or Heroclix sets. Your could very easily play this scenario with either game, if you wish.

SESSION #1: The Summons

Nick Fury calls the heroes to SHIELD HQ to give them the big story. After Fury introduces himself and struts around a lot, he explains that he needs to find and capture a former SHIELD agent named Klaus Kruptmann who is a recent traitor. The goal of the game was to reach the lab and capture Klaus before he can escape with the aid of Red Skull and some other villians.

Megan played Captain America very aggressively. He was cornered by Venom and Doctor Doom along with a few Axis Zombies. Cap managed to take down the Zombies and wounded Venom, but Doctor Doom put Captain America down for the count. A medical flight was called in for the First Avenger, keeping him alive for future games in the campaign.

With Captain America down and wounded, the heroes were left with Silver Surfer and Hulk. Klaus was still on the board, and the day was not lost yet.

The Zombies were a challenge for all of the Heroes despite their amazing Sentinel rules. However, led by the Red Skull as their Controller … it made them a force to be reckoned with for sure.

Hulk smashed. And smashed. And smashed. He killed a bunch of Zombies. However, the Red Skull was renlentless in his pursuit of the green skinned monster. Silver Surfer had to swoop in and rescue Hulk from a rampaging horde of twenty five zombies lest the Hulk be food for the Axis forces. Both Silver Surfer and Hulk left the board seeking medical attention.

Spider Man turned out to be the MVP of the game. He not only took out the most Zombies but also managed to capture Klaus with his web spinner.

With Klaus captured. the heroes return to SHIELD HQ to see what Nick Fury has up his sleeve for them next. For Session #1 of ALL THIS AND WORLD WAR TOO, the Allied forces score a win. The Axis forces lose.

Thanks for reading, and until next time … keep rollin’ sixes!



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