I am working on some of the miniatures from the Secrets of the Third Reich: Brainwurst Zombie Onslaught set. I decided to start with the United States Armored Infantry Squad. Although the miniatures included in the set are intended to be used as two squads of four soldiers, I decided that I would just assemble them as a single seven man squad, saving the eighth figure to convert into “Wild Bill Donavan” a special character.

I assembled all of them wearing their gas masks. I really like the look of the gas masks. Six of them have been outfitted as troopers and one is a medic. I have to admit that I didn’t get all the mold lines because there were so many on the figures. I have to admit that I have become spoiled by Privateer Press and their miniatures because PP models rarely have mold lines. I cut some of the lines off, but since these guys contain lead, I figured that I wouldn’t hack on them too much. ( That was the explaination as to why I was able to buy the rather expensive Brainwurst set at such a good price: the models contain lead and are being replaced with ones cast of “white metal.” Apparently the UK is not so anti-lead crazy but marketing in the USA aparently requires some changes to the materials used … that’s the story I got anyway.)

I’m painting them using mostly p3 paint colors. Bone for the shirts, Traitor Green on the pants, Khador Red on the lenses of the gas masks. Boots and gloves are Bloodtracker brown, and the wood on the guns are Gun Corps Brown. I used Oiled Steel from Reaper Miniatures paint line for the masks themselves and the steel on the guns.

I have included a few pictures of my WIP:

This guy is holding his weapon like it’s a guitar.
This soldier seems to be ready but at ease.
Medic in the front of the squad.
This soldier has a bit more of an action pose.

The bases included in the set are bascially identical to the ones used by Privateer Press. The models fit into the bases fairly well with only a little bit of clipping or fiddling around needed for it to slot in correctly. The main problem seems to be that the tabs are usually too deep and extend past the slot in the base, making the figure stand on wonky on the table.

I will post some updates later on this weekend as I made progress. I’d like to have these fellas done before my In-Laws arrive on Saturday.

Until then, folks, keep rollin’ sixes!



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