Gibraltar (Photo credit: Luc V. de Zeeuw)

Incursion is set in the world of Secrets of the Third Reich and is the ultimate combination of board game and miniatures game. This two player game features a tight storyline campaign that culminates in an epic and desperate climax. The game mechanics are simple to grasp allowing players to instantly focus on their tactical options. Game play is fast-paced and tense and players choose their forces through a card-based Requisition Point system.

A free download of the game rules is available here.


In 1946, after stunning German victories on both fronts largely attributed to Vergeltungswaffe 4, a compound that kills painfully and resurrects corpses as dangerous animate objects, France joined the Axis. Spanish forces backed by Brandenburger commandos and Fallschirmjager Drop Armor assaulted the British held rock of Gibraltar. Germany claimed the ancient fort with its network of caves and aggressively expanded it into a vast underground research, command, and control center, plumbing the depths of the Rock.

In 1949, allied forces mount a massive offensive to retake it. The campaign is bloody and hard-fought but ultimately successful. German and Spanish personnel escape by U-boat from underwater chambers. US and British forces enter the German compound only to be beaten back by the horrors that lurk within the vast twisted labyrinth under Gibraltar. Many commanders feel that the only recourse is to seal the caves from the surface, so that is done. Unfortunately it is impossible to determine the location of all of the undersea tunnels. Zombie naval mines damage or destroy numerous smaller vessels and sink the aircraft carrier Lexington as they sally forth from these undersea caves. MI-13 stumbles onto communiqués detailing German SWD plans for a diabolical Doomsday Device under Gibraltar. Given the effectiveness of previous SWD attacks, the credibility of these reports cannot be ignored. The decision is made to clear the caves. MI-13 Commandos and elements of the US Lucky Seventh invade the stronghold in a desperate race to shut down the Doomsday Device before it can be deployed.

mission #1

The first mission is called RECON. Allied recon elements are deployed to gauge the level of German resistance in the complex before the assault begins in earnest. They must get in and out quickly and quietly and avoid making contact with the enemy. The Germans are of course aware of  their presence and inundate the tunnels with Sturmzombies to take them out.

Megan chose to play the Allied soldiers, choosing to deploy a 7 man United States Armored Infantry Platoon, including 4 Privates armed with hand grenades, smoke grenades, and Garand AR-1 rifles, a Lieutenant and Staff Setgeant armed with a Thompson GL-47 submachine guns, and a Medic armed with a Colt .45 pistol. One private was upgraded to a Radio Operator. All of them were outfitted with Light Body Armor and Night Vision goggles.

This soldier is ready to Rock and Roll.

I deployed a large unit of Sturmzombies, complete with a Controller character who guides them with the use of a pinger and supernatural powers.

The RECON mission took about 6 turns to play. Megan started out throwing care to the wind taking the most direct route to the exit points, and giving Double Time orders to her men rather than ordering them to SNEAK to avoid detection. The zombies were on the platoon almost immeadiately. One of the grunt Privates opened the door, and the others readied with Reaction Fire.

The door opened into a large storage room that was literally teaming with zombies. They scrambled forward, faster than expected and dragged the Grunt that opened the door to the ground. Within seconds, the zombies were tearing the Grunt limb from limb, and rushing towards the rest of the remaining 6 man team.

They opened fire, raining lead into the lifeless flesh lumbering towards them. But the zombies kept coming. Brass tinged off of the cold stone floor, and muzzel blasts filled the darkned tunnels. When the smoke cleared, three zombies were GONERS with headshots, and two were DOWN. However, the Squad had already lost two more of the Privates, making the current body count 3 of 7.

At this point, the game became chaotic. The US soldiers were cut off in a choke point against an entire hoarde of zombies. Both officers armed with submachine guns kept spraying and praying, but God wasn’t being kind. All they were doing was chewing with the walls and the zombie’s torsos. The Medic was a little more effective, dropping a total of three more Zombies but his happy trigger finger made it impossible for him to provide medical assistance to the remaining Private  who in the lead and the next to fall to a trio of Zombies. However, before the Zombies finished him, the Private managed to toss a grenade into the center of the frenzied undead.

The resulting explosion from the grenade cleared out several more of the Zeds, allowing for the Officers to Double Time it through the choke point and make it into the storage room. Using the stacks of crates and barrels like a maze, they managed to lead the ghouls on a merry chase.

In the end, all three remaining US soldiers were able to fend off the remaining Axis forces and escape through the exit point. The game ended with the US forces winning when the last surviving soldier exited the gaming table through the exit point.

The probe into the complex was successful. There were casualties but enough information was transmitted out to give field commanders a fairly clear picture of where the initial thrust of the Incursion should be focused.




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