PRIVATEER PRESS: Can You Escape from Level 7?

Level 7 is a brand new kind of board game from Privateer Press for 1-4 players to work together; or betray one another in a desperate, story driven survival horror.

Imprisoned in Level 7, the deepest laboratory of Subterra Bravo, you have one goal – to escape to the surface. To do that you’ll have to evade the human and inhuman wardens of this labyrinthian military complex before the entire base is locked down, sealing you in for the rest of your short, screaming life.

Will you work together with your fellow prisoners to survive? Or will you use them to facilitate your own escape?

Your chances of survival will depend on how well you manage your greatest weapon, which is also your greatest threat: fear itself!

The Level 7 Board Game includes:

  • 47 map tiles
  • 128 cards
  • 4 character sheets
  • 133 tokens and markers
  • 28 stands
  • 8 special dice
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 scenario guide

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