MAJOR MAXIM: Nazi Super Soldier

Major Maxim

Major Maxim, feared the world over as the Hammer Empire’s dynamic, virtually unstoppable killing machine, always stands eager to ventilate the opposition with his custom Viper machine gun.

Major Maxim is the monstrous mastermind and muscle behind the Hammer Empire’s military forces. Once but a wounded soldier of those very forces, Maxim became an unwilling volunteer to Doctor Kharnov Von Kripplor’s Übermensch (Super-Soldier) program. The only “success” of the strange procedure, Maxim soon became dependent on the mysterious blue Übermensch fluid that supplies and sustains his massive size and strength. Even if the Hammer knows his true identity, they’re not telling.

Hammer was built out of the remnants of the Nazi Empire. They refer to themselves as the “Fourth Reich.” Their plans of world domination were thwarted by Abbey Chase and the Danger Girls.

On Hammer Island, when the Hammer Fuhrer transformed into Aticleas, Maxim had his arm cut off by the Sword of Sovereignty. He was later washed away when the ocean water swept over the island.

He may still have life in his monstrous body, plotting the downfall of all mankind.

You can find HEROSCAPE stats for him by following this link.

In the Heroclix game, Major Maxim is a monster. Major Maxim is the big, muscle-bound bad guy that gives Abbey Chase and the other women from Danger Girl such a hard time. He’s a powerhouse, but on a human scale. Despite his immense size he always manages to show up right behind people without them noticing. Once he’s there he unleashes with his super-serum-powered strength which he can use to either heft objects using Super Strength or clobbering opponents with Close Combat Expert. One big plus, once he loses those abilities, his damage value increases, so that he can still deal the same damage for a while longer. The Major also has a heft dose of Toughness in each of his versions, so he can take some damage without folding. Finally, at the end of his dial he has a click or two of Regeneration to get him back into fighting form.

He seems like a good condidate for addition to the Axis forces in Incursion and Secrets of the Third Reich. I will have to study his abilities included in the other games a little, and create some custom stats.


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