I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and paint lately. However, I did bust out a test miniature for my Dust Tactics Axis Zombies. Rawr.

These miniatures are pre-primed and already glued to their bases. Apparently I am too heavy with the paint brush because I managed to snap this model off of it’s base almost immeadiately. I like the look of the miniatures, and their dynamic poses. However, their poses (as cool as they are) sometimes make it tough to paint them. However, I like the miniatures overall … and the fact that I got them for a very nice price on Amazon.com was a bonus!

And I did a wee bit of work on these guys, but only their jumpsuits.

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures board game for 2-4 players. In an alternate 1940s reality, alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war as the forces of the Axis and Allies clash over rare mineral deposits that could inevitably decide the outcome of the war.

Dust Tactics is set in the immersive world of Dust, as first popularized by the strategic board game Dust and the comic book of the same name. Created by Paolo Parente (and featuring his stunning artwork), the Dust world is an alternate timeline in which alien technology influences the construction of World War II weaponry. The world is broken up into three major powers: the Allies (a collection of the U.S.A., the British Commonwealth, and the French colonial empire), the Axis powers (Germany, Japan, and Italy), and the Sino-Soviet Union (the USSR and communist China). These factions collectively control most of the world, with the exception of Antarctica – where valuable deposits of the rare ore Vk are constantly contested. This world comes to life in Dust Tactics.



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