I can never have enough Frank Castle, apparently. Of course, these versions of Frank Castle are being used in our homebrew games of Incursion. I decided that since I had three different miniatures of the Punisher (from the Heroclix games) that I would go ahead and make three different versions of Frank Castle for our use.

In our games of Incursion set (of course) in the Secrets of the Third Reich background, Frank Castle is a little different from the one you know and love. Here he is a rough and tough vetern of World War II, acting as an Ally of sorts to the 7th Armored Divison. He’s not an APE, obviously, but he still helps the boys out and packs a mean punch.

The first, above, is a version of the Punisher completely based on the Hurricane as discussed in a previous post in this blog. The miniature we use along with this card is pictured below. It’s the Punisher miniature from HeroClix: Punisher # 54 – Ultimates.  He’s in a long coat with two pistols, diving for cover. This is a straight up Super Soldier version of Frank Castle similar to Sentinels from Secrets of the Third Reich.

Frank Castle, The Punisher, playing the role of Zip Kelly in our battle. Here he leaps forward to kill both a Zombie and Gretel Von X.

The next version of Frank Castle is a little different. Since World War II took a different turn in Secrets of the Third Reich, I figure that Frank would start focusing on killing Zombies rather than gangsters. This version of Frank Castle is one a little later in the story where he’s becoming very good at stopping those “Catch and Release” Nazi Stormtroopers who release Zombies in Allied positions. He’s outfitted with a standard Specical Ability of Lucky, and then we created two abilities to fit our own needs:  (1) Double Tap: Frank gets to double his Shooting Actions when spending AP to fire his .45 Colt, and (2) Zombie Hunter allows him to ad +1 to DD against Zombies. This card is matched with the Punisher Heroclix model shown below.

And the last incarnation, so far, of Frank Castle is a grim sniper armed with a Heavy Machine Gun. Yes, a Heavy Machine Gun. Hey, he’s not wearing an APE suit, but he’s using some of their equipment thanks to Sugger Murphey. This model gets to use the Sniper rules from Secrets of the Third Reich (since most of the Special Abilities from Incursion come straight from the book anyway…) along with Lucky and Ranger. (Ranger gives a -1 penalty to anyone attempting to shoot the model with the ability.)

So there you have it. Our three versions of Frank Castle, the Punisher. I’d like to keep blogging about him, but I have some dice to roll and zombies to kill. There’s a war going on, you know?

Until next time, Keep Rollin’ Sixes.



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