Session #2: Rescue the Doctor: The Allied Forces are sent to intercept Baron Zemo. The Allies discovered that Zemo had captured Doctor Who and the TARDIS, using Nazi Super Science to create two “time ships” based on the designs of the TARDIS. The Allied forces were successful in recovering The Doctor but Zemo escaped with the Time Ships.

One of the many Zombies made by West Wind which was included in the BRAINWURST starter set.

Secrets of the Third Reich has an interesting mechanic called Turn Initiative. This is determined each turn by players rolling 1d6 and adding the Cool rating of the highest ranking officer still in play (not Down or Disorganized.)

This mechanic became very important during this session because the person with the highest Turn Initiative decides which player does first to resolve each phase of the turn. For example, during the Maintenance Phase their is an advantage of forcing your opponent to resolve effects first, because Smoke and Burning goes away and Down results are determined showing which models survive and which ones are out of the game.

The Turn Structure for Secrets of the Third Reich is as follows:

  1. Turn Initiative
  2. Maintanance
  3. Command
  4. Action
  5. Close Combat

Anyway, in this game of ALL THIS AND WORLD WAR II, the Allies were up against the Von X family and Baron Zemo, along with several Axis troopers, including Zombies.

The Allies included:

  • The Time Travellers:  Iron Man, Spider Man, Moon Knight, and Frank Castle. (Sentinels) RP= 32 RP  (pg 110)
  • The US A1 Armored Infantry Platoon  RP= 6  (page 111)
  • Chameleon Snipers Team  RP= 6  (page 113)
  • British Rifle Platoon Comman Section  RP=4 (page 123)
  • TOTAL RP= 48

In this session, the Axis forces won.  Major events in the game included Spider Man meeting his doom thanks to the well placed sniper shooting of Mech Grenadier Sniper team, and the recuse of Doctor Who and his TARDIS. Although the Allied forces will no longer be able to use Spider Man as a valid character in future session, they now have access to The Doctor as a member of MI-13 British Special Forces and the Bad Luck Boys.


During this game, Spider Man was hit by a German Sniper Team. He remained Down for two turns, and afterwards was declared a Goner after being chewed on by a Zombie.






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