The player characters are contacted by Nick Fury to test a secret super-weapon. During the test, time-travelling Nazi commandos try to steal the weapon and take it to 1943, to add to the German war effort. The heroes must discover who this men are, and then they must go to the World War Two, to stop the Red Skull from using other futuristic weapons and change history!


It’s 1949, and the Germans have a Doomsday Device hidden in The Bunker located deep inside the tunnels of The Rock of Gibraltar.

Adolf Hitler isn’t dead.

He’s safe and sound  in The Bunker protected by Super Soldiers, Mutants, and Zombies. He bides his time with the assistance of the Von X family, awaiting the chance to end the war using his Doomsday Device, the only remaining Atomic Weapon.

So when Sgt. Rock gets orders from the Skipper to meet up with a bunch of fancy pants Super Heroes and some medic named The Doctor, he gives the order to Easy Company:

“Let’s kill Hitler!”

“Let’s Kill Hitler!”




It is the year of our Lord, 1949 and the world is in flames. The human race screams in agony as the Second World War rages unchecked around the planet. Nations die and hundreds of millions perish as the thin veneer of civilization is utterly consumed in a global orgy of savagery and rage.

Nazi Super Science has changed the course of the war.

MI-13 is the United Kingdom’s answer to enemy super science, occult activity, and specifically , the German Special Weapons Division (SWD). This intelligence agency has a powerful military arm. In addition to specialized field agents, MI-13 deploys commando kill teams that bring with them the knowledge and equipment to get the job done on a mission by mission basis.

MI-13  Commandos are elite special forces who’s ranks are filled with the most decorated and fearless former LRDG and SAS as well as highly trained “specialists” with unique powers.

Those in the know call the MI-13 by their nickname: “The Bad Luck Boys.” They are Englands monster hunters. Lead by the unkillable John Lazarus, the Bad Luck Boys get the mission done without complaint.

They have seen it all. They have hunted vampires, launched impossible raids on fortified enemy laboratories, and on occasion even driven the Minions of Hell back through its burning gates. MI-13 elements provide intelligence and tactical support to US Lucky Seventh forces at Gibraltar.

MI-13 has made contact with the mysterious gentleman known only as The Doctor.


And apparently The Doctor has a plan to end this war … by killing Adolf Hitler.
“The Mission is difficult, but you’re used to that right, Sarge? Infiltrate The Bunker located in your dossier and eliminate all threats encountered. Easy Company is going to be linking up with some kind of highly respected medic from MI-13 for this one.”
“Easy doesn’t need another Medic,” commented Rock flatly.  “You know that, Steve.”
“Skipper says that this guy is the reason we get the crack at Adolf this time. No choice. He’s coming with you.”
Rock scowled. “What’s his name?”
“The Doctor.”
“Wonderful.” Rock shook his head slightly.
“Look sharp, Easy!” Sgt Frank Rock turned and looked at his men. “Let’s kill Hitler!”
Steve Rogers, known to some at Captain America, turned and walked away with a determined smile.
In the world of Secrets of the Third Reich, In the last days of the Second World War, history takes a sudden unexpected twist. In July 1945, the German Army reveals that it wields Atomic Power and detonates these weapons on American, European, and Russia soil. The effects are devastating. This added with the introduction of Hugo Von X’s V-gas which turns humans into flesh-eating zombies, the Second World War continues. The Allied try to maintain a “can do” attitude, but but many are coming to the realization that the war may not be winnable.
“I know not with what weapons this World War will be fought, but World War III will be fought with sticks and stones.” – Albert Einstein
Your Orders.
Sergeant, intelligence from MI-13 operative The Doctor has confirmed the whereabouts of Adolf Hitler. You will infiltrate, seek, and destroy the enemy. You will be coordinating efforts with not only MI-13 but also operatives from the US Sentinel Program. We don’t expect that you’ll need a way out because realistically this is a suicide mission. But if you job this infrared transmitters, we’ll get the flyboys in as soon as possible to pick you up. Get in fast, and don’t fail.”
The Allied player may choose any number of units to be used in this senario. Also, the limit on Sentinels is not in effect. The Allied player may choose any number of super powered forces for this mission.  During this mission, Doctor Who is included in the force without cost.
The Axis forces may choose a number of units and characters based on the amount included by the ALLIED PLAYER. At least halfof the cost must be spent on Zombies and Zombie Upgrades. Beyond that, any Axis forces may be included.  In this scenario, Adolf Hilter is included without cost.
In Dossier #666, the battle will begin in a large open area with the Allied Forces dropping in and the Axis forces attempting to defend the bunker.
If the Axis Forces fail to repel the Allied Forces, then the battle continues in the interior of the Bunker.
Victory Conditions
The Allied Player wins when Adolf Hitler has been successfully assassinated. This is a suicide mission. Get the job done however you want. No Allied forces must survive.
The Axis Player wins if the Allies are successfully repelled from the Bunker, and Adolf Hitler remains alive.  Kill them all and turn them into Zombies.



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