As you already know, we are using the TSR MARVEL SUPERHEROS RPG adventure “All This and World War II” as a guideline to play through a campaign of Grindhouse Games‘s 1949: Secrets of the Third Reich. We have played through two sessions, and this is the third.

So far, the heroes have been recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D to help stop a time travel snafu where Hitler has commanded the Red Skull to use time machines to seek out and capture “super weapons” to alter history in the favor of the German army.

And now, to the session recap:

Session #3: Trial by Combat:¬† The Allied Forces were sent to stop the Red Skull from sending Elite Nazi Forces into the future using the time ships. The Axis forces pulled out a win on this one, and the Red Skull managed to send his men into the time stream searching for “super weapons” to help Hitler win the war. According to The Doctor, the Nazi forces were sent to the years 1989 and 2146.

During this session, the Allied player (Megan) chose to use the following forces:

  • Captain America and Bucky¬† (RP=10)
  • Wild Bill Donovan (RP=4)
  • AI US Armored Infantry Squad (RP=6)
  • M-100 “Comanche” Light Mech x3 (RP=6)

During the battle, The Red Skull managed to use his clones to avoid assassination and capture by the Allied Forces. Although the Armored Infantry Squad suffered heavy losses, the Allies were unable to stop the Axis forces from sending Elite Nazi Commandos into the future.

The Red Skull managed to escape, and secured a sound victory for the Axis forces.

USA Armored Infantry Fire Team


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