The story so far in this campaign is recorded here. Check it out.

The player characters were contacted by Nick Fury to test a secret super-weapon. During the test, time-travelling Nazi commandos try to steal the weapon and take it to 1943, to add to the German war effort. The heroes must discover who this men are, and then they must go to the World War Two, to stop the Red Skull from using other futuristic weapons and change history!


In this scenario, the Allied forces are raiding The Bunker. The scenario is loosely based on Chapter 13 of the Marvel Super Heroes adventure “All This and World War II” from TSR in 1989 by Ray Winninger. According to Chapter 13, Captain America plans out the bunker raid in East Prussia. He gives orders for the small assault team to fly over the Bunker and parachute in under cover of darkness. They will hit the Bunker to recon it, then slip out. They will then meet a British submarine to escape the Bunker.



The Allied forces have Captain America and Bucky.   They get in, check things out, and get out. The models are deployed on one side of the board, and must escape from the other. This battle takes place within the Bunker, so players are encouraged to use some kind of interior maze to navigate and fight in close quarters. We used Dwarven Forge to provide the interior of the Bunker.

The Axis forces have Zombies that have been turned loose in the first level of the Bunker to deal with Captain America. Yes, the Red Skull is watching from his control room assuming that the Star Spangled Man will not survive this intrusion to Hitler’s Lair. The Axis player will have 6 Zombies which are deployed near the Allie’s exit point. For every turn that the Allies remain in the Bunker, 6 more Zombies will be deployed to the table. The hallways will get crowded fast.

What The? miniatures produced the Captain America and Bucky miniatures. They are sold from time to time on Ebay as a set.


The Allies will win if Captain America and Bucky are able to navigate the maze of the Bunker and escape through the exit on the opposite side of the board. It will be assumed that they were able to gather enough information to allow for a full fledged attack on the Bunker. Both heroes must escape alive, or the Allies lose. Bucky can’t die on this one, folks.

The Axis will win if the zombies manage to eat Captain America and Bucky. Yum!


My wife and I played through the scenario in 5 turns. That means that I ended up being able to use a total of 30 zombies during the game. However, despite my best efforts to stop the two heroes, I was unable to do so. Luckily, neither of them had Grenades, so the battle was rough for Megan to get the two through the Bunker maze. In the end, the Allies were successful.


Bucky’s ability to gun down zombies with his SMG in close quarters while Cap tosses his shield or Leaps to attack from the opposite direction works nicely against the zombies. Also, the narrow corridors stop the zombies from using their Strength In Numbers ability to the max.

When I get a chance, I will upload some of the pictures and include a short Battle Reort from the game.

Try this scenario, it’s a lot of fun.

Zombie Hands Grabbing!



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