We’ve been playing some D&D NEXT, and I will be blogging about the game sessions on KEEP ROLLIN’ SIXES.

The adventure path we’ll be playing is called DARKNESS GATHERING.

I thought that I would start out by introducing the characters who will be the focus of this playtest:


RIPPIN “THE RED” is a Hill Dwarf Fighter with the background of Soldier. He comes from the city of Threshold, and holds the military rank of sergeant.

CHAKARISTENTROVEY STANACH THADDEUS LIGHTFINGERS is a Lightfoot Halfling Rouge from “Lots of Different Places.” He works part time as a Cook.

BRIAR GENTRY is a Human Cleric with the background of Priest. She is travelling to Falstaff to visit her mentor, ALEENA.

GREYBEARD is a Human Cleric with the Background of Priest. He is travelling to Falstaff to investigate rumors that the local cleric of Pelor is teaching false doctrines.

XE is a High Elf Wizard sent to deliver a myseterious box from Threshold to Falstaff. He has the Sage background and enjoys the company of his Owl familiar.

WALDEMAR FEGELEIN is a Human Fighter who takes great pride in his trained warhorse. He is a Bounty Hunter by trade and is a keen shot with his Longbow.

D’ARIEN is a High Elf Wizard who has specialized in martial combat, mixing sword and sorcery. He is a fellow student with XE. He has been sent to Falstaff to ensure that XE delivers the box to the Yellow Warehouse.





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