The companions rode hard to the town of Falstaff. They arrived in a few hours, and were welcomed by the City Guard. They recognized Greybeard right away as a holy man of Pelor. And it didn’t take long until they remembered Rippen from past visits. The companions were directed towards the local tavern for rest, food, and drink.


Rippen checked in with the City Guard to discuss the ambush and the Dragon. The Captain informed him that sightings of Dark Elves and other minions of the Underdark have been on the rise. He had very little proof until now. He promised to send men along the road to investigate things further and watch for possible danger.

Later, Xe retired to a room intending to meditate and resummon his fallen Owl familiar. Rippen and the others enjoyed food and drink at the expense of the Tavern Keeper named “Handsome Jon.” During the meal, Greybeard attempted to reason with the local harlot, and Rippen forcibly removed a drunken bully from the Inn.

The group was given fliers making them aware of the coming event at Quietshore Lane tonight where Master Enoch would be choosing another dozen men, women, and children to join the Elect. Apparently this has been a weekly event where several are chosen, allowed to enter the Tower, and are never seen again. Everyone in town is excited to be chosen as one of the Elect to escape “the coming Change” when darkness with fill the land and extinguish the sun.

The group first traveled to the Yellow Warehouse and attempted to deliver Xe’s box. However, Xe was not keen on delivering the box to the two men who are lurking in the Warehouse. He made plans with them to sail to Stormport by ship in the morning to deliver the box to their mistress, Janine.

Returning to the Tower, the friends arrived to find a large crowd gathered and chanting Enoch’s name. Within time, the doors to the balcony opened and Enoch stepped out and started his sermon about the coming of the True Masters, the Change, and the Darkness that will soon blot out the sun forever.


The Sermon was interrupted when both Greybeard and Xe discerned that a magical lantern was causing the crowd to be charmed as if by magic. Greybeard warned his friends not to listen to the sermon or look at the light while Xe sent his Owl in to knock the lantern off the balcony.

The lantern fell, and Greybeard made short work of it by using holy water, and then calling down Pelor’s divine might to destroy the profane artifact. Rippen and Chak stood ready to defend the cleric from the gathered mob. Meanwhile, Xe called Enoch out as an evildoer, and used magic to scrawl the symbol of Lloth on the old man’s robes.

Enoch raised his fist and shook it while throwing off his robes. The pointed to Xe, and shouted for the mob to kill the Elf. Then, Enoch retreated into the tower, slamming the doors behind him.

It was then that the Companions realized that the were going to have to finish this once and for all. The would need to raid Enoch’s Tower.



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