Today, Congressman Frank Wolf is holding a one sided hearing on video game violence before the House Appropriations Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies Subcommittee. Unfortunately, Congressman Wolf has already come to his conclusion – that video games cause violence, and he’s stacked the panel with partisan witnesses who agree with him.

On the panel is the Honorable Subra Suresh, the Director of the National Science Foundation, as well as Dr. Brad J. Bushman, a Professor at Ohio State University. Both are against video games. Dr. Bushman is convinced that video games lead to violence, ignoring the decrease of violent crime over the past decade as well as global statistics that show no correlation.

We need to speak up and tell our elected officials video games don’t cause real world violence.

The National Science Foundation has been called out for its recent report, which is flawed and ignores numerous studies. Professor Christopher J. Ferguson, a pre-eminent expert in the field, says that there are: “no links between media violence and aggression or societal violence.” He goes on to say “this type of flawed scholarship grossly misrepresents the field of media violence and contributes to societal moral panics.”

Unfortunately, we’re not getting a seat at the table.


So speak up and write your elected officials NOW to tell them the facts and the truth, and help spread the word.

Keep on Rollin’ Sixes.

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