Allustan is the headmaster in the Threshold School of Magic. One night, he was visited in a dream by Corellon Larethian and instructed to retrieve a box from a hidden location within the ruins outside of Threshold. A small group of Elves enter the ruins, defeat several Drow and Drow minions to return with a the box and give it to Allustan.

Allustan studies the box discovering that it is a disguised Portable Hole which contains three strange versions of Spheres of Annihilation. However, the box has another sinister purpose as well. These three paticular Spheres were forged in Hell by devils for the specific task of being used to unlock a gateway from the Astral Plane directly to the 6th Layer of Hell. Allustan began to worry that such artifacts should have remained hidden away in the dark places of the Underdark. However, Corellon Larethian visited Allustan in a dream a second time, telling him to give the box to a trusted apprentice and have it delievered to a specific location in the town of Falstaff.

And so, the box was given to XE and our story begins in Part One.



“Playthings of the Gods”

Credit for a lot of the information used in this campaign should be given to Bruce Cordell and the AD&D adventure module called A Darkness Gathering wherein several Mindflayers have started to carry out a plot to darken the suns of several worlds. I really like this module, and pulled a lot of ideas from it including the town, several of the non-playing characters, and some of the venues like Enoch’s Tower and The Yellow Warehouse. Thanks to Mr. Cordell for fueling my ideas and proving excellent content that I could pull out from the module and “make my own” as a Dungeon Master.

This story also includes a lot of ideas drawn from D&D Encounters and the Rise of the Underdark storyline. We don’t have a local game store that offers us D&D Encounters. However, when the D&D Next playtest began, I decided that telling my own version of Lolth’s quest to take over the Weave was going to happen.

I also used A Paladin In Hell, The Guide to Hell, Tomb of Horrors, and Warriors of Heaven books as reference materials

Lastly, I drew material from Dungeon Magazine and the Age of Worms adventure path by Erik Mona. I really liked this adventure path, and we played a little bit of it in the past. I pulled some ideas, non-playing characters, and artifacts from that storyline. I really wish that the Adventure Path had been put into a book like the “Shackled City” story. I look forward to some day when the Pit of Worms dungeon is fleshed out and made into an actual module.


The Baron’s Road


This information is provided not only for a logbook, but also as information for the folks playing through this campaign. Although their characters may not know the details, the players can read this over and use it to fuel future sessions as the campaign comes to an end.



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