The Silver Flask is a powerful magic item for the Powers of Good crafted by Asmodeus. It is a device used to punish demons which have committed heinous crimes on the Prime Plane. Asmodeus designed the flask to hold a demon captive and force it into servitude to whomever holds the flask. The demon must perform a task predetermined by Asmodeus for an allotted amount of times until its punishment is complete. At that time, the demon is released and the flash returns to Asmodeus’s grasp.

The Silver Flask
The Silver Flask

In our adventure pathA Darkness Gathering,” the heroes are given this flask by Asmodeus. The flask contains a Babau minor demon who served Incabulos, and caused great havoc on the Prime Plane by passing on diseases and plagues. This paticular Babau is bound to the flask and forced to Heal beings who serve the Powers of Good. The demon has long since learned not to betray its masters because it found that treachery was rewarded with multiplying its punishment.

The possessor of the flask must simply twist off the cap, and the Babau will appear in a puff of foul smelling smoke. After a few seconds, the minor demon will assume a solid form, asking simply “What is your wish, master?” Once the Babau is instructed who will receive the Healing Spell, the demon taps into the Positive Energy contained in the flask and channels it into the target, healing it in the same manner of a cleric’s Heal spell. Doing this causes the demon great pain, thus dealing an extra bit of punishment.

Although this is an amazingly powerful tool for the heroes who hold it, Asmodeus is not without his clever and devious tricks. The catch is that the master of the flask never knows how many more times the demon must Heal before it’s imprisonment is complete, and the Babau cannot be forced to reveal this information no matter what tactics or magical powers are used due to enchantments placed on the flask by Asmodeus.

As mentioned before, when the imprisoned demon has finished his last task of Healing, it is freed of the flask. The flask returns to Asmodeus’s hand and the demon is immediately released into the immediate area with the ones who once held the flask. Who knows what an angry demon might decide to do to its former masters?

THE SILVER FLASK OF ASCLEPIUS, Strong conjuration; CL 20th; Price 170,000 gp (empty); Weight 1 lb.


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