Future events marker for video games

It’s been months since recent tragedies saw armed individuals murder innocent adults and children, national tragedies that caused the entire nation to reflect on the causes of gun violence. Immediately, some blamed video games. They were looking for causes and culprits, other than laying blame on the shooters. We know video games are not the cause; banning, or regulating, media content even more won’t solve the issue.

Some elected officials seem to ignore the truth. Let them know the facts.

It’s been six months and Congress is still talking about regulation of video games, wasting millions of dollars on studies and wasting time with one sided hearings. All of this is also a waste of taxpayer money.

The FTC has recognized the video game industry for keeping games out of the hands of children and enforcing ratings. The FBI and Secret Service have said there’s no connection between video games and real world violence. Let Congress find out these and other facts.

We’re asking you to email your Representative and Senators to set the record straight. While the rhetoric has died down, the urge to blame video games is still strong. We know the truth, that it’s a hobby and entertainment like any other. Take action today and help spread the word about our great community!

Keep on gaming!



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