Storm Over Neverwinter: Session Zero


Today, I took part in Session Zero of the new D&D Encounters season at Sacker’s Collectibles in the DuBois Mall. This one is called Storm Over Neverwinter.

D&D Encounters is an exciting, weekly campaign that plays out one epic encounter at a time. As you defeat enemies, solve puzzles, finish quests, and perform heroic deeds, you’ll earn Renown Points that you can use to get exclusive rewards. Each session only takes 1-2 hours to play, so it’s easy to fit your game in after school or work. And each week there’s a new and exciting challenge. This D&D Encounters season takes characters from levels 3-6.

Adventure Background: Storm Over Neverwinter

The frontier city of Neverwinter has persevered in the face of calamity. Yet even as the city rebuilds, an insidious threat rises from within its walls. Neverwinter’s citizens are succumbing to an inexplicable madness, while from the shadows, an evil cult of Asmodeus spins sinister plans. Unless a group of heroes rises to stop these perils, Neverwinter might face an even greater danger on the horizon.

Session Zero is intended to allow the players to meet, socialize, and generate characters. Since I’ve never played 4th edition, I decided to use a pre-generated character. I chose the Dwarf Knight, the Heir of Delzoun.

You can look at the PDF file of the character sheet here. My character’s name is Gardain.


“Silver halls and mithral doors
Stone walls to seal the cavern
Grander sights than e’er before
In smithy, mine, and tavern.”

“Toil hard in endless night
In toast, oh, lift yer flagon!
Ye’ll need the drink to keep ye right
At the forge that bakes the dragon.”

“Come Delzoun, come one and all!
Rush to grab your kin
And tell ’em that their home awaits
In grandest Gauntlgrym!”


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