Storm Over Neverwinter: Session One


Today, I took part in Session One of the new D&D Encounters season at Sacker’s Collectibles in the DuBois Mall. This one is called Storm Over Neverwinter.

D&D Encounters is an exciting, weekly campaign that plays out one epic encounter at a time. As you defeat enemies, solve puzzles, finish quests, and perform heroic deeds, you’ll earn Renown Points that you can use to get exclusive rewards. Each session only takes 1-2 hours to play, so it’s easy to fit your game in after school or work. And each week there’s a new and exciting challenge. This D&D Encounters season takes characters from levels 3-6.

Neverwinter Map
Neverwinter Map

Adventure Background: Storm Over Neverwinter

The frontier city of Neverwinter has persevered in the face of calamity. Yet even as the city rebuilds, an insidious threat rises from within its walls. Neverwinter’s citizens are succumbing to an inexplicable madness, while from the shadows, an evil cult of Asmodeus spins sinister plans. Unless a group of heroes rises to stop these perils, Neverwinter might face an even greater danger on the horizon.

Neverwinter was devastated by the eruption of Mount Hotenow over 20 years ago and is still rebuilding. Lord Dagult Neverember has declared himself the Lord Protector of Neverwinter and is using his influence and considerable resources to bring Neverwinter back to its former glory. This stabilizing presence has brought merchants and residence back to Neverwinter. However, much of the city remains untamed with danger lurking just around corner.

Over the past few months the Ashmadai, a powerful devil cult, has become more active in Neverwinter. The symbol of their god, Asmodeus, has been seen painted in blood or burned onto buildings. The cult is also rumored to be responsible for a rash of kidnapping happening throughout the city. People disappear for a few days and then return. They bare physical and emotional scars from their ordeal but have no memory of their experiences. All were left with the mark of Asmodeus branded onto their skin.

As the adventure begins a terrible storm approaches Neverwinter. It could have the fury to destroy the city once again, reversing the work done so far to help the troubled city.


I chose the Dwarf Knight, the Heir of Delzoun. You can look at the PDF file of the character sheet here. My character’s name is Gardain.

Our group consisted of three other characters:

  1. Female Druid/Paladin with a pet dog
  2. Male Halfling Ardent
  3. Female Shade Wizard


Maps from Session #1

Session One took place in the Moonstone Mask Inn. The Inn was one a chunk of floating rock chained to the streets of the main city. Our group was told that we all knew each other, and were in town on personal business. We each had rented a room at the Inn for the month.

Moonstone Mask Inn
Moonstone Mask Inn

I explained that Gardain was in town seeking a friend of his who is a Dwarf Noble. They were supposed to meet and discuss an expedition to Gauntlgrym. However, he disappeared a few days ago and Gardain is fearful that he has been kidnapped by the Cult of Asmodeus.

The group gathered in the common room to mingle and socialize. Gardain had a seat next to the fireplace, and began chatting it up with a Halfling and a rather drunk Dwarf. Meanwhile, the Druid talked animals with a merchant, the Halfling started partying hard and buying drink for everyone, and the Wizard sat quietly listening in on conversations.

Then some bad guys kicked in the door, shouted something about Asmodeus, and started smacking people with burning clubs. One of them grabbed the human merchant and ran out the back door with her. The other three started attacking. We all fought back, and were doing well until about three turn.

During turn three, one of the Asmodeus thugs scored a critical hit on Gardain. Sadly, I had already used the daily power to cut damage in half. The critical hit dropped Gardain to -5 hit points. He spent the next three turns laying on the floor, bleeding. I rolled three saving throws vs. death and was successful each time. I kept saying, “Cool, my Dwarf isn’t dead yet. That’s the end of my turn.”

By turn seven or eight, the thugs were all dead. The Halfling used some psionic powers to heal Gardain. My Dwarf was badly beaten up, burned from the thug’s flaming batons, but still alive … and now he was pissed off.

And that was the end of Session #1.




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