I am participating in the April A-Z Blogging Challenge, and my theme is Dungeons and Dragons.


Uni is a young unicorn who the heroes meet when she is fleeing from an angered Tiamat. Afterwards she befriends the heroes with Bobby adopting her as a pet. She communicates by bleating words but the phrases are often repeating what somebody has just suggested as means of affirmation. She even mutters an incantation while gripping Presto’s hat in her mouth during  P.R.E.S.T.O. Spells Disaster and manages to conjure a flying carpet.
Uni belongs to a herd of unicorns that live in a valley concealed behind a waterfall, and on meeting the leader called Silvermane she learns how to teleport by copying him where it is revealed that a unicorn’s horn lets unicorns teleport once per day. Like other unicorns, if she loses her horn she becomes grey, enfeebled and unable to teleport. However, despite learning this Uni only teleports in one other episode and only when prompted by Bobby. After discovering the unicorn herd Uni chooses to continue with the heroes instead of remaining in the valley.
In the Quest Of The Skeleton Warrior Uni casts no reflection in one of the magical mirrors that reflect the viewer’s fear. This could imply she has no deep-rooted fear to exploit or that being a unicorn she is not eligible to become a Celestial Knight so the mirror ignores her presence, reflecting nothing instead.
In the Maze Of Darkness she is unaffected by one of the hypnotic light traps that make people attack each other.
She likes carrots and baked potatoes, as shown in The Hall Of Bones and The Dungeon At The Heart Of Dawn respectively but Eric confirms that her main diet is grass at the end of Treasure Of Tardos.


3 thoughts on “U: U is for “UNI THE UNICORN”

  1. The paladin in my game has a unicorn for a mount. One of my favorite sessions was when I allowed a guest player to play as the unicorn early on in order to establish his personality. Now the group has a unicorn with a dry, sarcastic wit.

    Geoff at ROFL Initiative



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