Storm Over Neverwinter: Session Three


I took part in Session Three of the new D&D Encounters season at Sacker’s Collectibles in the DuBois Mall. This one is called Storm Over Neverwinter.

D&D Encounters is an exciting, weekly campaign that plays out one epic encounter at a time. As you defeat enemies, solve puzzles, finish quests, and perform heroic deeds, you’ll earn Renown Points that you can use to get exclusive rewards. Each session only takes 1-2 hours to play, so it’s easy to fit your game in after school or work. And each week there’s a new and exciting challenge. This D&D Encounters season takes characters from levels 3-6.

Adventure Background: Storm Over Neverwinter

The frontier city of Neverwinter has persevered in the face of calamity. Yet even as the city rebuilds, an insidious threat rises from within its walls. Neverwinter’s citizens are succumbing to an inexplicable madness, while from the shadows, an evil cult of Asmodeus spins sinister plans. Unless a group of heroes rises to stop these perils, Neverwinter might face an even greater danger on the horizon.

Neverwinter was devastated by the eruption of Mount Hotenow over 20 years ago and is still rebuilding. Lord Dagult Neverember has declared himself the Lord Protector of Neverwinter and is using his influence and considerable resources to bring Neverwinter back to its former glory. This stabilizing presence has brought merchants and residence back to Neverwinter. However, much of the city remains untamed with danger lurking just around corner.

Over the past few months the Ashmadai, a powerful devil cult, has become more active in Neverwinter. The symbol of their god, Asmodeus, has been seen painted in blood or burned onto buildings. The cult is also rumored to be responsible for a rash of kidnapping happening throughout the city. People disappear for a few days and then return. They bare physical and emotional scars from their ordeal but have no memory of their experiences. All were left with the mark of Asmodeus branded onto their skin.

Gold Dwarf Knight
Gold Dwarf Knight

I chose the Dwarf Knight, the Heir of Delzoun. You can look at the PDF file of the character sheet here. My character’s name is Gardain.

Our group consisted of two other characters:

  1. Hikari – Female Druid/Paladin with a pet dog
  2. Eboncross – Female Shade Wizard


First off, check out the cartoon about Session #3 on the Main DnD website:

Session #3 began with the three of us leving up our characters. This was the first time I got to use the fancy DDI character builder from the Wizards website. It was fairly easy to figure out with some assistance. It took me about 15 minutes to update my character, mainly because there are a million Feats to choose from on the list and I got bogged down trying to look at them all. I didn’t make many choices. I added +1 to my character’s Strength and Dexterity. I also added the Feat that allows Gardain to use Second Wind as an Instant Interrupt when he takes damage. This will be handy. I wanted to buy Gardain a helmet using the Marketplace button but we weren’t able to find anything besides a miner’s helmet … so I gave up on that. Maybe next time.

Again, this is just a quick run down of what happened with our heroes. We decided to head over to the Floating Leviathan tavern to scout out some rumors and see if we could flush out some more cultists among the citizens of Neverwinter. The tavern was a ship that had been converted into a booze hall. It was smelly, crowded, and Gardain’s boots were sticking to the floor as he walked through the door, to the back of the bar, and took a seat at one of the tables. Hikari and Eboncross spread out to talk to people as well. It seemed that most of the chatter was about the cultists attacks, the high bounty on the head of a baddie named the Tormentor, and our antics at the floating inn.

But before long, all Hell broke loose again. A dwarf from the city guard (named “Horan”) came into the bar and attempted to tell us it was too dangerous to continue fighting with the cultists and to leave the situation to the local authorities. At this point, a Blue Fiend cast a spell at the Dwarf and froze him to death right in front of us, and everyone in the tavern. Another man ran and barred the door to stop any of the guards outside from entering the tavern. And at the same time, a Red Fiend emerged from thin air. The patrons freaked out and some of them moved to the back of the tavern. Other patrons made a run for it heading upstairs on the deck of the ship/tavern. The Guards who were outside waiting for Horan started to beat on the doors, trying to get inside.

Obviously, combat was the focus of this session. The Red Fiend attacked a patron, and killed him with a Critical Hit. The patron melted into ashes. I took notice of this, mainly because the DM declared that the NPC took 32 damage. I knew that this was going to be a tough fight.

My character, Gardain, rolled the lowest initiative for the first round, so I went last. Eboncross used her magic to take temporary control of the Red Fiend causing it to move into the far corner of the front of the bar away from us and next to the Cultist who had barred the doors. Eboncross ordered the Red Fiend to attack the Cultist. The Cultist scream, burst into flame, and turned into ashes. Hikari shapeshifted into a beast form of a tiger, and attacked the Blue Fiend scoring some damage. However, the Blue Fiend seemed to have the power to dominate, and used that power to affect two of the frightening patrons. Both of them shouted out a praise to Asmodeus, and attacked Eboncross. The two dominated patrons beat Eboncross mercilessly, inflicting enough damage to bring him down to -1 hit points. Eboncross down and she was dying. Finally, Gardain was able to act. He shouted that Hikari should protect our fallen comrade, and then ran to the doors to unlocked them and allow the City Guards inside.

“What’s going on here!?” demanded the three Guards.

“By the clocks of Neverwinter, ye fools,” exclaimed Gardain. “The Devil Cult has attacked us, and killed yer friend Horan! Stop jabberin’ and start fightin’, ye lumps!”

The combat continued. Hikari managed to do very well in combat against the dominated patrons, protecting Eboncross long enough for her to stabilize and recover with a saving throw roll of 20. Gardain teamed up with the City Guards to kill both the Red and Blue Fiends.

Eboncross finished the encounter by using a magic Burst power that hit the patrons and one of the guards for psychic damage. She wasn’t excited about hurting the guard, but it was a neccessary evil to put down the two dominated patrons. Both clutched their heads, and went down dead. The Guard cried out in pain, but was not killed.

Afterwards, the three heroes walked out into the street to see that the streets were full of people who were acting crazy thanks to the effects of the Cult of Asmodeus. Several city guards were surrounding a royal courier who they were giving a savage beating. Gardain rushed over but the two women (Hikari and Eboncross) casually walked towards the scene.

The Guards explained that the citizens were rioting and out of control. They were attacked by this royal ciurier and had to kill him. Gardain looked around, and realized that although it was 2 A.M. and they hadn’t slept yet – that this was going to be a looooong night.

This was the end of Session #3



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