Revelations of the Creator

Theme Army – Revelations of the Creator


Originally presented in Warmachine: Colossals

warmachine_logoAn Intercessor Kreoss force can be chosen from any of the options available to the Protectorate of Menoth, but a themed or Tier list can only be built from a select number of units, (warjacks or warbeasts) and solos. The units required to unlock the special list abilities for Intercessor Kreoss are as follows:

  • Warjacks – Non-character Warjacks and the Fire of Salvation
  • Units – Choirs, Exemplar Units, Protectorate Cavalry
  • Solos – Reclaimers, Exemplar Solos, Vassal Solos
  • Battle Engines – The Vessel of Judgement


Tier 1 Army uses only models/units that are among those listed above.
Benefit: Increase the FA of non character Cav solos and units by 1
Tier 2 Include a unit of Vengers
Benefit: +1 to starting roll of the game
Tier 3 Include the Fire of Salvation
Benefit: Heavy warjacks with no ranged weapons cost 1 point less
Tier 4 Include at least one unit of the choir
Benefit: For each choir one jack gets advance move




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