We played through this session on September 12, 2005.

Professor Geldem had been doing research on something called “The Apotheosis” for Morgrave Univerity in Sharn, the City of Towers. After several years of research, the professor came to the horrible revelation that Apotheosis connected directly to the fabled Age of Worms. In shock and horror at his discoveries, he destroyed much of his research and development projects, stole a journal he had been working on for the University, and fled to seek help from Elaydren D’Cannith, currently operating under the name of Elaydren D’Vown. Using message stations, he arranged to meet the woman in the one place that he felt no prying eyes would find them, the small and undesirable Shanty Town in Rat Hills. Unknown to the professor, prying eyes were privy to his plan. His actions set in motion a line of dominoes that started to fall the moment he set foot on the streets of Sharn City.
He made it as far as Shanty Town before Saber caught up to him. Saber had been assigned a simple job: find, kill, and retrieve. Find the professor, murder him, and return the journal before it got into the hands of Elaydren. The mission would have gone off without a hitch had the playing characters not intervened. But with their intervention, Saber only managed to complete half of his mission: the murder of the professor. The journal and its information slipped into the hands of the playing characters. They managed to solve the puzzle of reading the journal, and with the help of a simple silver ring.
The link between Kyuss and the Age of Worms is as of now undiscovered.


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