Part Two had the playing characters finding out a little more before sending them straight into the events in the “Whispering Cairn.” The players decided to head into Diamond Lake to have a look around and gather supplies.

Rather than buying healing potions, they decided to raid a local temple and steal some potions. During the burglary, the playing characters discovered that some priests had been possessed by some kind of creature called “The Wearers of the Flesh.” This is important because the characters have already had past experience with this race of monsters in past adventures. These priests were lost already, under the sway of Kyuss.

When they departed the Sunless Citadel via Calcryx’s Planar Gate they ended up in the Abyss. They currently have repressed memories of what happened in the Abyss due to being submerged in the waters of the River Styx. However, they do remember a little of what happened before they were able to get back to Sigil.

They remember being in complete darkness, and having the feeling of falling through space. They remember people dancing around them dressed in black robes. And they remember a woman screaming in the background. They also remember a slithering green worm crawling up their bodies and entering their mouths. When this happened, the worm was about to communicate with them via telepathy. They heard a voice in their minds, making an offer of immortality. Most of the playing characters refused, two agreed, and another refused to answer.

This relates directly to the Wearers of the Flesh, because that’s what the silver worm was that they encountered. The playing characters attempted to rid themselves of the worms, convinced that the things still inhabited their bodies. However, their attempts were unsuccessful. Currently, the playing characters have not gathered information or researched any further information about these beings. However, they do know that the things claimed to be from the Abyss, and seek to take over the Prime Material Plane by inhabitating the flesh of humans. This relates back to Kyuss, and directly links to the Age of Worms.

The playing characters were hired by Elaydren D’ Cannith (in the thinly veiled guise of Elaydren D’Vown) to retrieve an artifact from the Whispering Cairn. Current research done by Morgrave University (Professor Geldem) suggested that the Whispering Cairn was never fully mapped or searched during past expeditions. Although the details Elaydren got from Geldem before he was murdered are sketchy, apparently there is at least one secret section of the Whispering Cairn that was never searched. Elaydren wants the playing characters to enter the Cairn, find the artifact, and return it to her.

First off, Elaydren’s information was sketchy and she’s mixing up two different artifacts. One is something called the Talisman of the Sphere, and the other is an ancient schema in the shape of a star. Both lie within the Whispering Cairn.

And although Elaydren wants the schema, so do the other factions of House Cannith. And to make matters worse, other organizations are looking for the artifacts too. This includes the Emerald Claw, and The Seeker Guild.

That means some of Geldem’s research materials survived, and fell into the wrong hands.
From here, the playing characters would be heading off to the Whispering Cairn.


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