The Whispering Cairn

Elaydren didn’t want her newly hired mercenaries to show up in Diamond Lake and start talking about their expedition. So, she had her assistant, Snyder, take them by land cart from Shanty Town straight to the Cairn Hills. He dropped them off at the old mining office outside of town and departed. Of course, agents of House Cannith had already been to the location to clear away debris that had sealed off the Cairn’s monolithic entrance in days gone by. The playing characters did not waste any time, and entered under cover of darkness.
Their first attempt at entering the Cairn failed. Zadoc’s traps were too good. As the party entered the Cairn and the party’s two “locksmiths” attempted to open the door into the tomb, Zadoc awoke. He realized that the humans were their to plunder the tomb, and set his traps into motion. The ceiling shook, and blocks of masonry began to fall. To the playing characters, it seemed they had set off a magical trap. Fleeing the tomb, they regrouped.
Luckily, one of the party had recently come from Sharn, and had been to the Morgrave University to do some research on the Whispering Cairn. He had stumbled upon a good find, and found out a lot of information about the Cairn based on past expeditions. Using this information, the party was able to locate a small shaft that descended into the heart of the tomb.
Inside, the party was faced with many challenges. Zadoc hounded them the entire way, using his abilities to set off traps, and menace them with whispering winds and chilling laughter. He was trying to shake their morale and make them leave the Cairn.
The party discovered a lot of information about the Vaati, a race of air elementals as well as their half-human worshippers. They discovered good information about the Battle of Pesh which relates directly to the Age of Worms. Also, they learned about the Rod of Law which had been used to destroy the demon called Mishka the Wolf-Spider during the Battle of Pesh. The Rod of Law was split into seven parts, and scattered throughout the Planes. This suggests that the Rod of Law may be the artifact known as the “Rod of Seven Parts.”
However, the situation with Alastor Land was interesting. Alastor was a being that had been trapped in the Whispering Cairn for some time. The playing characters misinterpreted a situation within the tomb, and ultimately banished the spirit of Alastor Land to the Abyss. This saved them the trouble of having to do combat with Land, however it did not allow them to release Land from his imprisonment. Thus, they did not gain important information from Land.
The playing characters departed the Whispering Cairn seemingly successful. However, future events may require that they return to the Whispering Cairn.




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