Keevan has been sent information indicating that a necromancer from Sharn, the City of Towers recently moved to Diamond Lake. He’s been told that a price of 5000 gold is on the man’s head if he’s brought back alive. Ironically, Tzin Ho Lee has been asked by Smenk to take a shipment of crates from the docks to the observatory for him. A price hasn’t been set for the delivery. However, Smenk said he’d cut Tzin Ho Lee in for 1/3 the profit of the delivery. However, Tzin forgot to inform his companions about this deal.

The Old Observatory is located in the Cairn Hills not far from Diamond Lake. It was once used by the monks from the Twilight monastery to track and observe the stars. However, the mayor of Diamond Lake fell into a power struggle with the monks, and the mayor seized the observatory from the monks for an undisclosed reason. Smenk did as he usually does, and bought up the seized property. Smenk owns many abandoned buildings in the area.

Currently the party is unsure how long Filge has been at the Observatory. They also don’t know why he’s there. They also don’t know what crimes Filge committed to get a 5000 gold price on his head.



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