Storm Over Neverwinter: THE END


This week the session included a total of four characters: My Dwarf Fighter, a Shade Wizard, a Drow Druid, and a Wood Elf Ranger. The encounter began when we reached the roof of Helm’s Hold. The roof was the eye of the storm and was calm, however, it was surrounded by hurricane-force winds and lightning. Columns of whirling clouds and lightning flared inward from the sphere to strike a woman floating in the center of the eye twenty feet above the floor. Her eyes crackled with energy as she cried out in pain and ecstasy and the power of the storm flowed into her.

Vargas appeared and warned the party “I have no desire to hurt you, but if you try to stop this, I will destroy you all.”

It seemed that it was time for Vargas to give his Bond Villain speech about what he had been doing this entire time. Gardain had no time for speeches. He chose to speak with his Craghammer.

Gardain rushed forward, and attacked Vargas. He hit the Mage solidly with a Power Strike. This forced the Tormentor backwards towards the crenelations on the rooftop. Gardain lifted his Craghammer again (using an Action Point) and smashed his hammer into the Tormentor a second time. (This time for a natural “20” critical hit.) The Tormentor screamed and fell from the rooftop, tripping over the crenelations. He was caught up in the storm and tossed into the center of the roof near the Drow, Wood Elf, and Shade. The Shade hit Vargas with a spell that caused psychic damage and slowed him. Then the Wood Elf fired a clever shot to wound Vargas and knock him prone.

Suddenly, the Dragon Chartilifax swooped in. Still wounded from the previous encounter he used his Poisonous Scream breath weapon to attack the whole party. This knocked us all to about half hit points in one shot. In response, the Drow attempted to jolt the Dragon, but failed. Then the floating woman, obviously Vargas’s wife, rained down lightning on all four of us, bringing all four playing characters to Bloodied. Mainly out of frustration, Gardain pulled a throwing hammer from his belt and hurled it at the floating woman, hitting her solidly in the chest.

The Drow Druid and Shade Wizard focused on Chartilifax for the next few rounds, using magic to drive the dragon from the rooftop. Meanwhile, Gardain and the Wood Elf Ranger continued to battle Vargas. The Dwarf and Elf got into a rhythm quickly, Gardain smashing the villain with the Craghammer and the Elf knocking Vargas prone with Clever Shots from his bow. Vargas managed to throw both from the rooftop, and as the dragon flew away, the Wood Elf has 1 hit point and Gardain had 5. Vargas, too, was badly beaten and staggering as he fought them.

The Druid and Wizard focused on the floating woman, realizing that they could tap into the vortex of magical storm. They focused, attempting to take control of the maelström swirling around the woman. At the same time, Gardain lunged at Vargas and hit him solidly with his Craghammer. Vargas stumbled backwards, and thrust out with his spear. The spear struck Gardain in the side, piercing his armor. Gardain groaned as his ally, the Elf, launched another arrow at The Tormentor. The arrow struck Vargas in the base of his neck, causing him to scream out and fall backwards on the slick pavings of the rooftop. Gardain staggered, nodded towards the Elf, and then collapsed.

In game terms, Gardain managed to fail 2/3 Death saving throws before the Encounter ended. Thankfully, the Encounter ended before the final roll.

Hours later, Gardain awoke to find himself in a healer’s room. He was told that Vargas was dead, and that his allies had talked down the floating woman, who was Vargas’s wife who had been placed at Helm’s Hold due to being driven insane by the Spellplauge years ago. Vargas had turned to the cult of Asmodeus due to his rage and anger about his wife, but recently had found a way to possibly “heal” her. He used his influences within the cult to create a small splinter cell loyal to him, and used them to “liberate” his wife. After that, he used magic to summon the storm, hoping that the elemental magic would channel into her and free her mind from madness. Apparently, the only thing that restored her sanity was seeing her husband dead on the rooftop.

Vargas was an evil man driven to greater acts of evil to save the woman he loved. Gardain could understand this.

That night, Gardain joined his friends again at the Inn. They ate and drank, discussing their newly found honor and wealth. Just before dawn, the four said their goodbyes and wished each other luck for the future. And one by one they retired to their room, ready for a well deserved sleep. Gardain was the last to leave, finishing his ale. He though back to the Night of Madness, and wondered if he’d ever really sleep soundly ever again.




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