I have recently been preparing a campaign for the Call of Cthulhu Role-Playing Game. We are using the D20 book (which I am proud to say that was signed by all the folks who worked on the book, including Monte Cook) Part of the preparation was to create a blog to chronicle some of my thoughts and allow the players to get a feel for the setting of the campaign. I placed the game setting in the City of DuBois, and entitled it DUBOIS: CITY OF THE DAMNED. Apparently a few folks found this through either Facebook, or Google or bot…h and started sharing the link this weekend. I got over 8,000 unique visitors to my blog page today, and several irritated people who thought the page was “real” left amusing comments on my blog which I replied to using mostly quotes from H.P. Lovecraft in some form. Even GoDuBois.Com managed to stumble across the blog page and opened a thread about it. So yesterday, I was Orsen Welles, and my War of the Worlds infected Facebook. I am amused, and I think H.P. Lovecraft and Gary Gygax both would be proud of the nonsense. Remember, folks, the STARS ARE RIGHT.
You can read the blog page in question and the comments here.


  1. hollyiblogs says:

    Fun? Too much! I’m convinced most people don’t listen to what is said, don’t read what is written. They just pick up some of the bigger words and fill in around them according to how they want to react, especially if it gives them an excuse to go off on a rant of righteousness. Tiresome but, in this case, hilarious.



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